Courteney Cox Refused To Use Body Double On “Cougar Town”

Tuesday, Apr 6, 2010

Courteney Cox gets better with age every year, and she is certainly not afraid to show it. The former Monica Gellar has recently refused to use a body double on the set of her ABC show “Cougar Town,” instead opting to use herself to show audiences what a “real” woman looks like at the age of 45.

Even though the actress is perhaps envied by millions of women who tune in to her show every week for her flawless physique, Cox still admits to having her own hang ups about her looks. In an earlier episode, the star insisted on filming her own stretch marks and arm fat in order to highlight such issues that most women her age face.

According to the Toronto Sun, Cox says: “I think it was an important thing to do. This show talks about real things and real experiences, so I think I had to. I know my friends Jennifer Aniston was shocked I did it.”

She continues, “Some people may not want to show parts of them that are not the very best and that’s alright. I decided to show, and I don’t care. It was important to show the real side of being 40.”

The mother-of-one also says that she does her best to stick to a good exercise routine to maintain her Hollywood body. During her “Friends” years, Cox appeared obsessively thin, whereas nowadays, just like Aniston, she maintains a healthy and fit frame.

“I try really hard,” Cox says. “I walk, I run, I do the elliptical, I do band work, weight and dance aerobics. I play tennis and I eat really well. But I was also lit very well. Don’t mistake Hollywood lighting for reality!”

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  1. I watched the first two episodes of “Cougar Town” last night after a friend recommended it. I did wonder whether Courtney used a body double in the scene where she examines herself in the mirror and squishes her tummy. It’s refreshing to hear that she didn’t, AND thus discover that she has enough round her middle to grab hold of! Blimey, I am nearly 10 years younger and haven’t had a baby. Time to start looking after myself if I stand a chance of looking that good at 45!

    I’m looking forward to future episodes and really hope the series will run for a long time, I found it amusing without it being too “cheesy” and I cringed at the drunken scenes because I identified with all that…

    Keep it coming!

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