Wes Craven Still “In Discussions” Over Scream 4

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010

Last week was a mad flurry of excitement over the announcement, via the L.A. Times, that Scream 4 was gearing up to shoot in May. Turns out it was a load of old cobblers. Will this counter-news derail the start date or is Craven playing with us like a serial killer with a victim? Or failing that – he’s giving us the lowdown on what’s happening with it all. The godfather of modern horror made his own announcement via Twitter:

“SCREAM 4 – LA Times has it wrong. I’m still in talks but nothing has been finalized.”

Scream 4 looks set to reunite the surviving members of the cast and is set back in the town of Woodsboro, where it all began. Courtney Cox-Arquette, husband David, Neve Campbell have confirmed they’ll be back for more gore and Scooby-Doo like shenanigans, and even better, Kevin Williamson has written the script. If you recall he walked after Scream 2, leaving Ehren Kruger to finish off with the lacklustre Scream 3. Whether Scream 4 actually happens with Craven remains to be seen. It would be madness for another director to take this on.

Craven has another horror film coming out this year with My Soul To Take. So there you have it, folks. Expect an announcement on Craven’s position soon…ish.