FIRST LOOK! Sheryl Crow Romances Courteney Cox’s Man on ‘Cougartown’

Friday, Feb 19, 2010

I’m so excited for this! I love Sheryl and cant wait to see her and Courteney together on the show!

Are you stoked to see Sheryl hang out with her real-life BFF on the small screen this March?

Courteney-Cox Arquette seems to get by with a lot of help from her friends. First, the 45-year-old actress enlisted the aid of former Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow, 46, and now musician pal Sheryl Crow, 48, is following suit by appearing on Courteney’s ABC sitcom, Cougartown.

Here is the first shot of Sheryl, who plays a wine dealer named Sara, taking a special interest in Courteney’s small-screen crush, Grayson (played by Josh Hopkins, 39).

“I play a woman named Sara in her 40’s who’s a wine dealer. I don’t want to give too much away but there’s a little romance with Grayson, who lives across the street from Jules, which is Courteney’s character. Jules and Grayson have always had a sort of unspoken thing for each other,” the singer, whose recurring role begins in March, tells People.

And now that Courteney’s key crew has appeared on her Golden Globe-nominated show, when can we expect an appearance by her real-life BFF, Jennifer Aniston? Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ohhh wow that sounds like it will be amazing, just a little question, can anyone please tell me if and when Cugar Town will be shown in the UK?

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