Cougar Town 1.13 “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” Captures

Thursday, Jan 21, 2010

Captures from last nights episode of Cougar Town have just been added into the gallery.What did everyone think of Jules and Bobby? and Laurie and Grayson?

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2 Comments on “Cougar Town 1.13 “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” Captures”

  1. LOVING Bules. (Bobby an Jules) but also love jayson (jules and grayson) so bring on BULESON.
    Haha these are terms we all need to become aware of ;)
    Anyway, last night’s ep was definitely my fave so far, thought bules had incredible chemistry, was so sad at the end for bobby. although liking grayson’s jealousy. good times.
    I have had a new epihany too. Bryteney/Couryn is the new Matteney. Espesh with those golden globe pics ;)

  2. Jules and Bobby getting together was semi-believable and a little heart wrenching. They work well together. I didn’t like Laurie and Grayson getting together. It was just too wierd.

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