Site is back but gallery temporarily unvailable

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009

Hi guys.Again we deeply aplogise for the site being down again. Theres been a whole lot of server issues. Our host is moving the site to a different server,so for now until thats done the site will be temporarily unavailable till then.We will contiunue to post news during this time.Hopefully it wont be too long. We realise cougar town is on tonight and you are all expecting caps and new episode stills etc,but we will catch up on those,and anything else picture/gallery update wise we’ve missed as soon as the gallery is up again.

Once again,we’re so sorry and hope you will continue to visit during this time anyway!Thanks for your support

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  1. OK, I just decided to visit this site because I believe Courteney is an amazing person. From the limited knowledge I have of her, she seems dedicated, determined, trustworthy, loving, giving, etc. She portrays herself as a hardworker, in her employment and real life as well and I wanted to comment on that…..however this site has really disappointed me, maybe she doesn’t do the proofreading. Maybe the posts are from someone from the UK but apologize is spelled with a Z here, not a S, same with realize, spelling and punctuation is CRAZY here…and that is CRAZY with a Z!

  2. okay that was quite rude. yes i am from the UK. what different does it make if I accidently spell with an S instead of a Z? Im not the best speller in the world,but im not gonna freak out over one spelling mistake! if your that dissapointed in this site over 1 small spelling mistake its just sad. we’ve put a lot of work into this site, 160,000 plus images in the gallery. Our visitors like this site for the news and pictures etc,not our spelling

  3. That was a little uncalled for Kat – just because Courteney is American doesn’t mean this site has to be – her fans are from all over the world, and it just so happens this site is written from ukers, it doesn’t make the content any worse – in fact I’d say this was one of the best sites out there, hell it’s my favourite site!
    Anyway it might not be my place to say this, but as a regular user/addict I feel I want to defend the creators! :)

  4. Seriously Kat if you’re not happy go somewhere else. Who gives a rat’s ass about spelling mistakes. That sort of things can happen to anybody. We have enough things to worry about here without going nuts over a small mistake. I can’t believe someone would go crazy for a s what the fuck??

  5. Well, I´m from Czech Republic and I have site about Courteney. So my site or my work is worse because I am not from USA? This is really worst argument what I have ever heard. I think that this site is the best site about Courteney and very very good site generally! Thank you for your work and I hope that gallery will be ok soon. :-)
    And sorry for my bad english but as I said I´m not from USA or UK. :-)

  6. Sam is right, you were really rude, Kat. You know, none of us is perfect. And I bet you’re not either. I dare you to find a better site about Courteney and I know you wont. I just think you should thank the girls for what they do, cause anybody else does it for Courteney. I’m here every day and if wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know many things that is happening with CC. So I think you should stop being such a perfectionist and try to understand that everybody make mistakes. Sam and Chanel, you girls do an excellent job here. I can’t believe someone would lose their time making this kind of comment.

    And I’m sorry if I’m writing something wrong, I’m Brazilian, my english is not perfect and even my portuguese isn’t.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words :)

    Chanel and I put a lot of hard work into this site,so Kat if your gonna freak out over 1 small spelling error,then dont visit here,because now and again we will make spelling errors,but its no big deal. simple as.

    Nobody is perfect and nobody knows how to spell every single word properly.

    our visitors visit here for the news and updates on courteney,not for our grammar.

    Thanks again Rosie,Mel and Adina :)

  8. Wow. Kat, if you seriously get such disappointment from one spelling mistake….which isn’t even a mistake in the UK….might I suggest you get some help? There are far more disappointing things in life, and I imagine many more to come, so if this is how you handle a spelling “error” then I feel sad for you. I really do.

    Anyway, Chanel and Sam, thank you very much for this wonderful site and all you do! I know I appreciate it, and I am a regular visitor :)

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