On The Set of “Cougar Town – September 2nd

Thursday, Sep 3, 2009

FP_3533533_Cox_Courteney_MOE_090209.jpg FP_3533531_Cox_Courteney_MOE_090209.jpg FP_3533530_Cox_Courteney_MOE_090209.jpg FP_3533532_Cox_Courteney_MOE_090209.jpg

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2 Comments on “On The Set of “Cougar Town – September 2nd”

  1. I was looking forward to watching Courteney Cox in Cougar Town this fall. Then I watched the obama pledge video. I realize now that she is a mind-numbed robot, making a pledge of service to obama. I will not be watching now.

  2. what has one to do with the other? i totally do not agree with her being a mind numbed robot but even if i did, if the show is good why not watch it?

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