Courteney Cox Arquette Shaped Up for Her New Role With Power Plate Equipment

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2009

In her new show actress Courteney Cox Arquette plays a 40-year-old, newly divorced mom who is back in the dating game. In preparation for the role, Cox Arquette got into incredible shape by exercising on the revolutionary Power Plate(R) machine.

“The Power Plate(R) machine has dramatically changed my workout. I know that every muscle in my body is being ignited in ways that you can’t do with traditional training. Its uses are limitless. I love this machine!” says Cox Arquette.

Power Plate(R) technology provides one of the most efficient and dynamic total-body workouts in less than 30 minutes utilizing scientifically-proven Advanced Vibration Technology(TM) that triggers involuntary muscle reactions 25-50 times per second while you exercise. The result is a high-intensity exercise that increases strength, improves muscle tone and balance and helps reduce body fat. A recent study found that Power Plate(R) exercise helped participants lose more weight than traditional exercise.

“My clients, like Courteney Cox Arquette, prefer Power Plate(R) machines to tone, tighten and get red-carpet ready in less time,” says celebrity trainer Michelle Lovitt. “If your schedule doesn’t always allow time for traditional exercise, Power Plate(R) Acceleration Training(TM) is great because you get a full, targeted workout in as little as three 30-minute sessions a week, and still see amazing results.”

Used by elite athletes, celebrities, and people from all walks of life, Power Plate(R) equipment benefits include: increased fitness, strength, muscle tone, flexibility, bone density and range of motion as well as improved blood circulation and lymphatic system activation. The complete Power Plate(R) line of fitness equipment is designed for health clubs, wellness centers, spas, hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, professional and collegiate athletic training facilities, private fitness trainers and home use. Power Plate North America is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.