Did Kevin Williamson Kill Off Neve Campbell For ‘Scream 4’?

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2009

There is a small mention of Courteney..

“Scream” creator Kevin Williamson has had a long time to think about how he might work Sidney Prescott—the doe-eyed gal always running from knife-wielding killers in freaky white masks—into the story of another of his horror movie send-ups. His “Scream 2” came out in 1997 and he didn’t work on “Scream 3.” But as he started writing “Scream 4,” he found out a troubling bit of news: Neve Campbell, who played Sid in all three flicks, wanted no part of a fourth installment.

“I ain’t got no Sid-less scenario,” he told the New York Post’s PopWrap in June. “I don’t know yet what to do.”

It’s possible that Williamson has now found his answer. As he let slip to MTV News at Comic-Con while nonchalantly discussing the film’s plot, he might have killed off Sid!

“It’s gonna sort of involve our returning characters—the only characters left alive,” he said. “We’ve got Courteney Cox and David Arquette returning.”

The implication, of course, is that Sid died at some point after the end of “Scream 3.” As Williamson told us, the fourth film is most definitely a sequel—not a series reboot—and it “picks up after ‘Scream 3’—ten years later.”

So did Sid die at the hand—or the blade—of one of the serial killers? Will her death prove to be one of the plot engines for the new movie? Or did Williamson simply misspeak? Maybe he was just referring obliquely to the ghostly villain’s many other victims?

We’ll have to wait and see—for the fourth movie and beyond, as “Scream 4” will be the first film in a planned trilogy. There’s also talk that the director of the first three films, Wes Craven, could return to helm the fourth one. What would another “Scream” look like with all the original players—minus one pretty important one—in place?

“It’s a lot of fun,” Williamson said. “I’m not going to give anything else away!”

What do you think? Will Sid be killed off between movies? Could “4” open with a graveside send-off to the Sidster? Is Campbell out of her mind to be bowing out?

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  1. As any other trilogy, there needs to be a rule to making them. ALWAYS have the EXACT same cast as before, if not then don’t bother turning on your labtop to write it. Now if she died somewhere between 3 to 4….then it could work out, as long as there’s an explination with details to her cause of death. Then and only then i’ll be able to sleep like a baby at night. Hope someone reads this comment, cause I’ll tell you one thing…..it blew my freakin’ mind!

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