Courteney twitter campaign

Saturday, Aug 8, 2009

You guys might remember that last week I posted here that the Courteney Cox on twitter was infact a fake. All us loyal fans had got our hopes up that it was Courteney herself which unfortunately it was not.Since then one of our forum members Melissa has created a kind of campaign to try and get Courteney to join.

On August 22nd the girls will be sending a lot of tweets to David Arquette in the hopes that the amount of followers and messages will convince Courteney to join.

So to help us all out and hopefully get our lovely Court on twitter please follow WeWantCC. Any questions comment here or tweet the girls!

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2 Comments on “Courteney twitter campaign”

  1. Hey, Would be great if you joined twitter but if you don’t well just a little thank you from F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans in Liverpool UK :)

    P.s Bringing a movie out wouldn’t go a miss & good look with the rest of your Carrer :)

  2. Hey!!!!!!
    If you convince court to join also talk to her about making a friends movie which would be a greter success than sex and the city pleaseeeeeeeeee
    I miss friends so much and the six characters are AWESOME I luv courteney especiially an her fab acting and coco is ever so sweet and cute
    Her and david make a cute couple

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