Neve Campbell drops out of fourth Scream movie

Canadian actress Neve Campbell’s refusal to reprise her role in the fourth sequel of movie ‘Scream’ has forced its creator Kevin Williamson to re-write the screenplay.

Williamson, 44, and filmmakers were hoping that Campbell, 35, would reprise her role as Sidney Prescott for a fourth time, but after her refusal they have had to redo the whole scenario.

“I’ve had numerous conversations with Neve. She’s a friend. Nicest girl on the planet. It just ain’t workin’ out and it sucks for me,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling the New York’s PopWrap blog.

“It was no cameo. I’d never play Sid out that way. And I ain’t got no Sid-less scenario. So, I don’t know yet what to do,” he added.

Director Wes Craven recently revealed Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette were returning for a fourth instalment of the movie series, to shoot a screenplay written by Williamson.