Blue Desert movie captures

Monday, Jul 20, 2009

I finally got around to capping one of Courteney’s older movie Blue Desert which she played Lisa Roberts.This movie was a lot different to the usual we see Courteney in but it was a really good movie,if you havent seen it you really should!Courteney looks stunning as always in this movie.

bluedesert_0426.jpg bluedesert_0685.jpg bluedesert_0843.jpg bluedesert_1050.jpg

Gallery Link – Movie Productions – Blue Desert – Movie Captures

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  1. This movie is way above average. Along the lines of a “chick power” movie (starring Courtney Cox – who looks great here riding a big Harley motorcycle, by the way), it has a compelling storyline, an interesting desert setting, and just enough plot twists and turns to make it intriguing until the very end. The movie has a genuine atmosphere of suspense and mystery throughout, as well as an interesting side-bar of a comic strip that gets lightly woven into the story.

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