Some Cougar Town Icons and a Question.

I’ve made a few Cougar Town icons recently with promotional, stills and on the set pictures. I’m currently working on an icons archive for this site but until then you can view them fallowing the link of my livejournal I’m going to give you at the end of my post. Also I was thinking about opening a livejournal icons contest for Courteney, I didn’t find an updated one so I though it could be cool and I was thinking that each weeks the contest winner icons could be featured here on the website with of course your name and livejournal/website url if you have one. I have some good idea for it and I guess I was wondering if you guys are going to participate. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this but I’d like your opinion anyway. you can let me now by commenting this post of answering the fallowing poll hope to hear from you.

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and here’s the icons…


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