Updates on the site move

Thursday, Apr 23, 2009

Hey folks I just wanted to give you an update on the site move. We’re currently experiencing some problems so it will take us a little bit more time. we’re working hard to not lose this site because this site is important to both me & Sam but I can guarantee that I don’t care if I have to download everything folder after folder for weeks and do everything by hand, I will not give up on this site just because its more complicated than expected. No way! If there’s important news on Courteney we will post it but other updates like gallery updates will have to wait but once its done we will post everything we’re missing.

Thanks for understanding.

2 Comments on “Updates on the site move”

  1. Hey guys! I just came to say that I appreciate all your preoccupation with the site, I think this is really cool! You must go on with it, I miss some news about Court!
    Thanks for all you’re doing.


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