Courteney Cox’s Cougar Town Too Risque For ABC

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009

Courteney Cox’s new show Cougar Town is being deemed too X-rated for primetime!

The show is scheduled to make its debut on ABC this fall, but before it airs, it needs to clean up its act!

The show is about a group of middle-aged women who will romance any guy without a bald spot, which sounds innocent enough. But the bosses at ABC are having issues with how raunchy the content is.

Apparently execs are furious at Cox, saying that ABC isn’t cable, and that she and writers have pushed the envelope from edgy to downright filthy!

We’re talking kinky sex references, f-bombs, and sex with boys age 15! What does Courteney think this is, Showtime?? Maybe she should have pitched the show there. They love any shows having to do with sex and drugs!