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Thursday, Feb 26, 2009

You would now have to join to access the gallery. The reason for this is because we’re having too much spams and we’re hoping to have a little less that way. The registration button is back (sorry about that) so you can now register and enjoy the gallery it take only a few seconds and you will have fully access to the gallery like before.

2 Comments on “About the Gallery”

  1. Thanks!! :)

    Hey, here’s another question.. I believe you own the sites l-kudrow, m-perry and jennifer-source, I think they’re pretty good, I access all of them. But don’t you know any fansite about David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc? I miss news about them..
    Thanks, anyway. :)

  2. hey,
    Im not really a big enough fan of david or matt to make a site on them,well im more of a matt fan,mnaybe in the future I will open a site for him. But there is a friends site http://lifeinthecity.net that you could go to for news on them.

    thanks for visiting :)

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