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Thursday, Sep 4, 2008

As you can see I finally put up the new layout, I think it was time for a change and I wanted to change it since I took over the site, so now that I did I can finally work on the content. I put a small featured video on the banner where a will show small clips of Courteney that i particulary like and for the first featured video I choosed an hilarious clip of Courteney and Jennifer in friends, I remember laughing t’il my sides hurt when I’ve seen this for the first time and even after I’ve seen it a hundred times I still laugh lol. Anyway I hope you like the new layout, I think i convert all the pages but if you see an error please let me know so I can fix it ASAP and if you have an idea for a clip of Courteney you like and want to see it in the featured video contact me and if I have the clip I will put it up.

10 Comments on “New layout”

  1. Yeah I like it too lol but I feel like there’s something missing to the left and its bugging me.LOL

  2. Love the new layout :) nice job. Love that video it still makes me laugh I don’t know if its just me but it’s too far to the left, and it’s over the pic of Courteney

  3. Ahh damn really?? which browser are you using because it looks fine in both internet explorer and firefox for me.

  4. Maybe lol euh that’s weird, maybe if you refresh your browser or something because I messed with it a lot before I actually had it where I wanted it and sometimes refreshing your browser help.

  5. “Yeah I like it too lol but I feel like there’s something missing to the left and its bugging me.LOL”

    No Lol its good :)

    Im using firefox and the video thing looks fine to me.

  6. LOL great, I didn’t really want to play with it again lol. Gotta fix the comment area though because reading this is a pain lol, its way to pale.

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